Good (completely tracked) nights with Zeo


Zeo provides tools to quantify and track your sleep and its quality.

1) the sleep manager

a head-band with a bluetooth trackers connected to your iPhone.


It’s a bit cheaper that the station but impose you to have your phone plugged all night in your room. The good thing is can you see your graph as soon as you wake up.

2) a full Zeo station

Looks like an alarm clock, gives the hour like an alarm clock, wakes you up like an alarm clock, but have all the tracking intelligence that you hope for.


In both case, data are sent to your online account that you create. You can pay premium fees to get personnalized advices.

The tracking tracks mainly the “real” duration of sleep and  the type of sleep (REM, deep sleep, light sleep, awake). It creates a graph like that (not mine)

Clearly, tracking sleeps is a great tool for health and quantified self. Good in self-marketing, Zeo speaks about the sleep revolution. Check this cool video.


Zeo is one of the cited start-up in quantified self trend. They have been for a while and you can find their product in many consumer electronics places.

Also, on the benefit side, everyone can get the point of analyzing sleep to rest better and have all the rest going better accordingly.

Personally, I notice that I slept better without the Zeo (well, without comparing that in numbers, logically, as I have no data for un-tracker nights). The fact is that I move a lot in the bed, and tend to be slightly more conscious when I have the head-band on, as if I was asking myself ” Is is still there? ” every time I turn. My current ZQ is 53, which is low for my age.

Also, I wonder how good it is to have the bluetooth emitting that close for my forehead, all night, nights which actually are the only moment when I am not fully bathed in “wave” (cell, wifi, bluewtooth).

And you  ? any interesting experience or doubt to share on the matter ? Search on youtube or else where to see people reviewing their products and sharing experiences.

Good night !

To conclude, for those who have an hour,


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